Why search for happiness?

The old saying goes thus; ‘you never know what you have till you lose it.’ Many times we find ourselves chasing shadows and hoping to find substance in these shadows. We are too afraid to stop and smell the roses, because we have told ourselves that if we settle we would never get to where we want to. We say that we just want happiness, if only we had something extra. This has led to the search for the non-existent fairy tale world of happiness. So we once again say to ourselves and anyone else around; ‘If only I was married’, ‘If only I had a car’, ‘Oh what I’ll give for some extra cash’. So we desperately delve into things, longing to satisfy our seemingly insatiable selves. ‘By hook or by crook’ we say, not caring the outcome of these choices we make.
We enter into relationships seeking to take and never to give. For a while all there is is bliss, and we swear we have never been happier. But the wise words from the bible come haunting and furiously they demand their taxes, for what ever you sow, surely you reap. And so like cows we seem to stand and stare only at pastures over the fence, ‘surely the grass is greener on the other side’ we claim. Now we say to ourselves again and again: ‘when we break-up I’ll find true happiness, I will find my peace’. So like chemistry, a process begins. In the end we are worse than at the beginning, wondering why we ever even bothered to try. Then like hounds, the words come back hunting, ‘If only, IF ONLY, IF ONLY… So the cycle goes on.
Take a deep breath and look all around. I am sure you can see billions and trillions of things that are good. Don’t search for happiness, find it within. In laughter, in tears, in eyes and in ears. Now, when the voices try to threaten we confidently put them at bay. We finally see the beauty of things of brothers and sisters and so many more. Then that moment when we come to the light, we see happiness was never too far. All we needed was to look deeper, for when we did, we saw the blessings and love that God had gifted.


5 thoughts on “Why search for happiness?

  1. this is just another awesome piece… nice writing skill…trully the search for hapiness is endless when you fail to see that hapiness is a thing of within… beautiful insight…

  2. I couldn’t have said it better. You’re only happy when you look deep within you to the One who made it all. Thank you dear. Definitely looking forward to read more from you.

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